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Workshop: "Making a handmade and sustainable Mother's Day gift"

Are you looking for a Mother's Day gift that is different from all the others?

Do you want to make the gift with your own hands so that person knows that they are truly special in your life?

Are craftsmanship and sustainability important to you? (I'm a biologist, so I always give priority to the environment).

If you answered yes to these three questions, keep reading because I am going to invite you to participate in a workshop where you can make a handmade and sustainable Mother's Day gift with your own hands.

P.S. If you live on the Silver Coast of Portugal you will love it because we are in Marinha Grande, the city of glass!

Making a handmade and sustainable Mother's Day gift

At Oscar Bautista we are specialists in the art of Gemstone Cutting: we polish a rough gemstone (or glass) to use it in jewelry or other design projects.

And on this occasion, you will have the opportunity to become a Gem Cutter for a few hours so that you can make a Mother's Day gift with your own hands.

Regalo Día de San Valentín Portugal

This workshop has three conditions:

  • You must choose between making a necklace and making a bracelet.

  • You must select a glass or a natural gemstone from those we have in stock (amethyst, smoky quartz or citrine quartz).

  • This workshop focuses on Cabochon cutting or irregular shapes (not faceted cuts).

These are some examples of the necklaces or bracelets you can make (please take these images only as a reference):

Do you like the idea? So, I am going to tell you the step by step that you are going to follow during this workshop.

Explanation of the workshop step by step

Before starting, you should know that this Mother's Day gift-making workshop has two phases:

  • First, the cut of the material which corresponds to glass or natural gemstone.

  • Then, the making of the necklace or bracelet according to the type of gift you have chosen to make.

Regalo Día de San Valentín Portugal
Amethyst, smoky quartz and citrine quartz

That said, this are the steps you are going to follow during the workshop:

  1. The choice between gemstone and glass, according to our stock (amethyst, smoky quartz or citrine quartz).

  2. The roughing of the gemstone or glass.

  3. The preforming and cutting of the material into the chosen shape (e.g. oval, triangle, irregular, etc).

  4. The polishing of the material to obtain the best possible shine.

  5. The drilling of the gemstone or glass (the drilling is done by Oscar Bautista).

  6. The making of the bracelet or necklace.

  7. The completion of the piece.

Regalo Día de San Valentín Portugal
Examples of bracelets and necklaces

If this workshop catches your attention, I invite you to learn why this Mother's Day gift is unique, artisanal and sustainable.

Why is this Mother's Day gift unique, artisanal and sustainable?

These are the main features that make this Mother's Day gift so special:

A unique Mother's Day gift

To make this Mother's gift there are no molds or previous designs: there is only your imagination!

In addition, you can choose between different colored glass and natural gemstones depending on what we have in stock (amethyst, smoky quartz or citrine quartz).

A completely handmade piece

You will use a Gem Cutting machine to rough and shape the gemstone or the glass, but all the work requires your hands.

Furthermore, the making of the necklace or the bracelet depends entirely on you: we give you the material and you take care of the rest.

A sustainable gift for Mother's Day

We can say that this Mother's Day gift is sustainable because you can use glass as the main component.

We also have gemstones that were purchased a long time ago for previous projects (amethyst, smoky quartz and citrine quartz).

As for our facilities (and when you come you can check it), we use LED lights and we prioritize water recycling during all processes.

FAQ and more information about this workshop

Here you find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this workshop and much more information.

What is the price to participate in this workshop?

What is included in the price?

Where is this workshop carried out?

What days is the workshop available?

How long does the workshop last?

How can I register for the workshop?

How many spots are available?

Can I bring my own gemstone?

Can I make faceted cuts?

Am I going to learn Gem Cutting in this workshop?

What payment methods are accepted?

Is there parking and food nearby?

Is there a bus terminal or train station?

Is the place suitable for children or people with reduced mobility?



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