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Oscar Bautista Tallador de Piedras 2022

Gemstone Cutter in Europe

My name is Oscar Bautista and I am a Gem Cutter.

I started cutting gems at the age of 17 due to family tradition. It was my mother who taught me everything I know.


I began practicing with glass. After a while, I was faceting Colombian emeralds.

My love for gems has led me to share my knowledge in countries like Ecuador, Peru, Portugal and Spain.


I have also had the honor of training new lapidaries who come to take the course from Colombia, Argentina, Honduras, Chile, Uruguay and the United States.

Within the art of gem cutting, I am an expert in calibrated sizes. It means that I can make two or more gems get the same shape and size.


As a jeweler, I combine my fantasy cut gems with gold and silver pieces that I make by hand for my brand.

What I like most about working with gemstones is their uniqueness.


There is no gem like another. Therefore, the result will always be fascinating.

Currently, I live and provide my Gem Cutting services from Portugal.

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