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Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions apply to all business relationships you establish with OSCAR BAUTISTA.


The purchase of any of the products and/or services offered implies in itself the total acceptance from your part.


On our website you find the prices of most products and services. To these we must add the 23% VAT from Portugal (if applicable) and shipping costs.

For services like gem cutting or consulting, you should send us a message to quote.

In all cases, you’re asked to first contact us to indicate:

The products and/or services in which you are interested, the city/town and the country with the Postal Code.

That information is necessary for we to calculate shipping costs, the price of VAT if applicable, and any other related tax or fee.

Under normal conditions, the quote is valid for 30 days.


But in a situation of strike, catastrophe, public order problems, unexpected alterations in the means of transport and customs, and others that may have economic and social impact, the quote will be valid for a maximum of 24 hours (or less depending on the context).

Possible associated shipping costs

There may be additional shipping costs based on taxes, duties and other customs charges in the destination country.


These rates are not associated with OSCAR BAUTISTA and must be paid by the client at the time of delivery.

Please keep in mind that shipping costs through some transport companies may vary from day to day and this is beyond our control.

Currency and payment methods

The sale of products and services is made from Portugal. Therefore, the prices are calculated and processed in Euro, without exception.

Depending on the product or service, we accept the following payment methods: Bank Transfer to Portugal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards with CVV, PayPal, Google Pay.

Purchase and order confirmation

Once we receive the proof of payment, we will confirm you that your transaction has been approved.


In case the transaction is registered as pending or rejected, we will ask you to wait while we know the conditions for which the payment has not been approved.

Processing times

Processing time begins when we place your order and ends where your products are packed for shipping.

The cutting of a gemstone can take from one to three working days, depending on its characteristics of size, hardness, and the requested cut. During high season, the time may be longer.

For those items that we have in stock, the shipment can be made after the confirmation of your order (transaction with approved payment).

Products are shipped Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 16:00, Portugal time. No processing takes place on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

For shipping you must indicate us the complete address and the Postal Code (ZIP Code) of the place where you want to receive the order.


We reserve the right to use all the necessary means, provided by transport companies of recognized prestige.

Possible delays

When merchandise arrives in the destination country, it may be subject to customs delays due to standard review and/or shipping procedures.


Please do not include these possible delays in the original shipping time estimates.

In the event of transport strikes, catastrophes and other situations of force majeure that impede the normal operation of the shipment, we will not be able to incur expenses or compensation in favor of any client, because those are conditions beyond our control.

Rejected shipments

If you purchase a product and refuse the shipment once dispatched, you are responsible for original shipping charges, the cost of returning the package to us, taxes, duties, and other possible customs charges.

Returns and exchanges policy

The returns and exchanges policy applies to jewelry and tools.


Exchanges or returns are not accepted on gemstones, personalized products, gem cutting services or gem cutting courses.

The colours/hue of the gemstones and jewels may have differences with those colours observed online depending on the device you use (computer, phone, tablet, etc.).

If you have questions, please contact us before making your purchase.

You can request the change or return within the first 15 calendar days from the date we send your order. For this, you must contact us via email to

In order for the exchange or return to be accepted, you must send us the products in perfect conditions and totally new, without uses, without damage or modifications, in their original packaging, and to the contact address of OSCAR BAUTISTA.


All shipping costs, taxes, duties and other possible customs charges, must be paid by the customer. OSCAR BAUTISTA is not responsible for the damage or loss of the products.

We will refund you the money of the return within the next 15 days once it is accepted, and it will be made by the same payment methods when possible.


You will only be refunded the price paid for the product, but not shipping, taxes, duties and other possible customs charges.

For exchanges, we only allow items at the same price or higher. In this case, you must pay the difference, in addition to the expenses related to the new shipping including taxes, duties and other possible customs charges.

Once the exchange or return is approved, we will contact you to begin the processing.

Product abandonment

You have a period of 90 (ninety) days to collect the precious stones that were processed under our Gem Cutting service.

This period begins on the day we notify you that the Gem Cutting service is completed.

The collection of the products can be in person at our workshop in Marinha Grande, or by courier services.

If you do not proceed to collect the gemstones and the deadline expires, your products will be considered abandoned in the terms provided in article 1318 of the Civil Code and the applicable legislation.

Keep in mind that the Cutting service must be paid in full so that you can proceed to collect the stones.

Affiliate links

In some content, we use Affiliate Marketing that directs you to buy on third-party platforms.

Currently, you can find affiliate links that allow you to purchase some products on Amazon and eBay.

This business model allows us to earn a commission for each purchase you make of any of these products (physical or digital).

That commission we get does not affect the price at which you purchase the product.

OSCAR BAUTISTA does not interfere, in any way, in the price of the product, the stock, the quality or the promotions that you may find related to the product on those platforms.

The use of cookies and the management of your information on these third-party platforms is not related to OSCAR BAUTISTA either.

The products we refer through Affiliate Marketing are suggestions and the purchasing decision depends on each user.


We try to make responsible recommendations. However, we cannot in any way guarantee your satisfaction with the product.

Privacy Policy

Safe treatment of your information and personal data 

OSCAR BAUTISTA is responsible for protecting the information of its customers and users.

By placing an order, you authorize us to use your personal data for communication, shipping, after-sales service, and others related to the ongoing purchase process.

In case you subscribe to our Blog or the Newsletter, you will always have the opportunity to unsubscribe by sending us a message to with the subject and content: "I want to unsubscribe".

The website is encrypted with the SSL security protocol.

This site uses cookies

Our website uses own and third party cookies. The data is added anonymously and does not collect private or sensitive information that allows us to identify our users.

Basically, they allow us to know from which country they visit us and through which device: a computer, a smartphone, a tablet.


We do it in order to improve the user experience by creating a design adapted to different screens, translating the site to several languages, or posting content of interest on our social media at a certain time.

Third-party cookies include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics and Clarity, and are not under our control.

Cookies are installed in your browser, but you can disable them in the settings. In some cases, this could affect how our site works on your device.

Intellectual property

OSCAR BAUTISTA is the sole owner of all the Intellectual Property Rights of the information contained in its website, including the texts, the multimedia material and the information about the Gem Cutting Course.

OSCAR BAUTISTA's free blogs and videos are informative and educational. If as a user or client you want to share them, we ask you to please do so with the corresponding mention and with the same gratuitousness.

You can watch the videos in the official accounts of OSCAR BAUTISTA on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Any link or material found on another platform may be considered fraudulent, and is not under our responsibility.

CAROLINA VIVAS works in collaboration with OSCAR BAUTISTA, for the promotion and sale of all products and services, under the @caro.viser account on Instagram, as well as LinkedIn.

We do not work with other partners, alliances, distributors, physical stores or other online stores to offer or sell our products or services.


If you find information outside the site and you have concerns, please contact us via email to

Contact information

+351 939 914 360
Marinha Grande, Portugal.

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