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Zonata: Our collection of sustainable and handmade jewelry in Portugal

At Oscar Bautista we care about the environment and we want our jewelry to be made in a sustainable way.

We are aware that the traceability of metals and gemstones from their origin is essential, but it is not always possible.

However, we strive to make our raw material selection and manufacturing process responsible and transparent.

To achieve this, we incorporate the following principles in the production of each piece:


  • We work by hand, in an artisanal way, to ensure that each jewel is unique and respectful of traditions.

  • Slow Fashion is important to us. For this reason, we produce limited quantities and with timeless designs.

  • Under the ideal of fair trade, we buy rough gemstones so that there are fewer intermediaries.

  • To offer you our best version of sustainable jewelry, we have a selection of pieces made with recycled glass.

  • We cut the stones and glass ourselves, in our gemcutting workshop in Portugal.

  • To avoid waste, we make the most of each material. For this reason, we design jewelry with a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • We also like to make custom jewelry to ensure that a portion of our production is made to order.

  • To make the jewelry more sustainable, we give the main role to gemstones and glass, and we use only a minimal part of metal.

  • On the other hand, in our workshop we use LED light bulbs and promote water recycling in each process.

Based on these principles focused on sustainability, we make the jewelry in our Zonata Collection.

The Zonata Collection: Our ideal of sustainable jewelry

Zonata is a Chibcha indigenous word that means “One” and we feel that this word reflects the intention with which we create the pieces since we only make one jewel for each reference.

Within the Zonata Collection you can find two lines:


  • Zonata Fusion, in which we combine two or more precious stones in the same jewel.

  • Zonata Vidrio, in which we use recycled glass as the main component.

Get to know them below!

Zonata Fusión

Two or more precious stones in the same jewel, hand-cut with love and dedication.

Joyas sostenibles hechas a mano en Portugal
Joyas sostenibles hechas a mano en Portugal

Zonata Vidrio: Our most sustainable jewelry line!

Hand-cut recycled glass so you can wear environmentally friendly jewelry.

Custom jewelry

We put at your disposal a variety of natural stones and recycled glass so that we can make your personalized jewelry.

Joyas personalizadas en Portugal
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