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Oscar Bautista

Oscar Bautista

Oscar Bautista is a Colombian gem cutter, goldsmith and jewelry designer.

For 25 years, he worked in Bogotá with Colombian emeralds and other colored gems.

In 2019 he moved to Portugal and founded the Oscar Bautista Workshop.

From there, he provides his services throughout Europe.


Content recommended by Oscar Bautista

Complete guide: accessories and tools for cutting gemstones


In this article I share with you a list of the 15 tools and accessories that I use in my daily life as a gem cutter and I explain their function.


​What is a gemstone cutting machine and how to choose one?

Find out what the types of gemstone cutting machines are, their advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the best machine for you.

Services in the Oscar Bautista Workshop

At the Oscar Bautista Workshop we offer you the following services:


  • Gemstone cutting

  • Gem cutting consulting

Find out more below!

Gem Cutting services

We provide the gem cutting service to private and business clients.

We also recut gemstones that need repairs or a change of cut.

Asesorías con Oscar Bautista

Specific consultings with Oscar Bautista

We advise you on several matters related to processes and cuts.

This service also applies if you have a large number of gems and you need to select which ones can be cut.


Gemstone Cutting is an ancient art.


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